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Gratitude is one of the 3 secrets of happiness!

Idris Lahore says:"all you need to do is open your eyes, and you can be grateful for everything you see in front of you - there is no need to search. Looking at each thing as containing a spark, a soul, and because you recognize it, you deliver it from prison in matter. In this way you render the world divine.

Before this, the spiritual is hidden in matter and you don't see it; but as soon as you remind yourself that it is there and express your gratitude, everything becomes divine, nothing is ever excluded again, and you are, too.

What is important is seeing a fragment of the Origin in all things."

Every day, several times a day, take a moment to say "Thank you" for what you have and what you are. Start with one thing, the first thing you think about.

You can also say Thank you to those around you: your partner, your children, your parents for the life they gave you, your friends, your boss.

The exercise of the Gratitude is one of simplest and most important exercise.

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