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Samara Yoga Course

The Traditional Art
of Meditation in Movement

Samara yoga is a gentle method that be practiced at any age and whatever your physical abilities may be. It has a positive effect on the bodily systems, muscles, joints, but also organs, concentration, memory and sleep: in fact, on the whole physical and psychological balance. Its effects are remarkable and alleviating on stress suffering which, in our modern society, is one of the main causes of suffering.

The benefits of Samara yoga are possible through a series of movements, some are slow, others are more dynamic, dances, relaxations, all these exercises in Samara yoga we call in Samara yoga “Arkana”. This word means “secret” or transformation process in Persian. The heart of the practice that enables this positive transformation, is the awareness: awareness of our gesture, our postures, our breathing and our emotions that come up and our thoughts.

Samara yoga refers to ancient wisdoms that integrated the body, the heart, the intelligence and the Spirit.

It is practiced with specially created music and enables harmony between sound and gesture.

Indeed, Samara yoga, though the euphonic movement, enables us to be in contact with the deepest part in oneself, this part some traditions call “our essence”.


The basics of Meditation:

to calm down the brain and be aware of our inner world


for muscle

and joint health


to structure oneself, to work on coordination and rhythm

Major Arkana: a set of exercises which have an action on the different systems of the body

Meditative movements:

slow movements that develop concentration and balance

Relaxation: to learn to relax each part of our body and to regenerate ourselves


Course fees

Tuition: $1500

You can pay in three installments

This tuition includes:

13 days of the course and the final assessment

Schedule for the course

12 days during 6 months

March 2024, Thursday 14th & Friday 15th

April 2024, Thursday 25th & Friday 26th

May 2024, Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th

June 2024, Thursday 13th & Friday 14th

July 2024, Thursday 25th & Friday 26th

September, Thursday 5th & Friday 6th

Place of training 

Samara School

1 west 85th street,

10024 NYC, NY

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