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The full story

Idris Lahore, the founder of Samara Yoga, has introduced one by one what he called the nine branches of Samadeva, which find their origins in middle oriental and oriental knowledge, enriched with occidental scientific knowledge. The 3 goals of all these teachings are: physical and psychological well-being and health, harmony and success in family, social and professional lives, and for those who are interested, self-realization.


Idris Lahore was immersed in both Eastern and Western traditions and cultures from his childhood. Over the course of his extensive travels and studies throughout the world, he acquired a profound knowledge of these traditions and a subtle understanding of the human psyche. A painter, poet, and prolific author, Idris Lahore is also a great observer and discoverer. 


Sylvie Bruandet Lemaire

My name is Sylvie, I am 53 years old, I am French and I live in New York City, in Manhattan. I am a wife, and mother of 3 children. I have been living in New York for the past two years. Before coming to the US, I lived in France, in the west suburbs of Paris. When I was 35 years old, even though my outer world was great. I knew there was something missing in my life: I had money, a beautiful house, a nice husband, a wonderful family and many friends. But I hadn’t found the meaning of my life, so I started to look for it. One day, I participated in a Samara training session.During the first hour of practice, I reconnected with something within me that had until then been unknown to me.

So I decided to go on practicing and to start my initiation into Samara yoga and meditation. Gradually, it has introduced more calmness into my life and I have gained more balance and energy, which has also positively influenced my family. But the most significant effect is that when I practice Samara yoga, I am in contact with my essence, my deeper being, and I feel peaceful and serene. Thus, in 2008, I decided to study to become a Samara Yoga teacher. Today my goal is to enable others to discover and practice it here in NYC and to create a community.

The creation
of the Samara School

New York is the western capital of Yoga and many spiritual currents have chosen New York to start their adventure in the United States. New York is an open-minded city and a place where all nationalities, religions, spiritual currents and practices are represented.

The creation of the Samara School in NY is meant to enable the development of Samara Yoga and meditation according to Idris Lahore in the city, then throughout the US, as well as to allow more people to practice and eventually, if they wish, to begin training as teachers of Samara yoga and finally, be able to offer their own classes and workshops in the city and around the United States. 

Moreover, Samara yoga is one of the essential practices, according to Idris Lahore, to become more conscious, more aware and to be in contact with our true nature. 

Our values

Our values are Beauty, Love-Kindness and Truth. These are great words, and used by many people, but we try to incarnate them through smiling at people in the street, looking them in the eyes, using kind words, being better human beings in our day to day life, helping and being at others’ service.

We try not to be in conflict and to be a gift for our loved ones.

We respect nature, we don’t eat a lot of meat and fish, and we prefer to eat vegetarian and organic food. We love elegance and beautiful things. We try to live our life in the present moment, here and now, to awaken to all that surrounds us and to make each day a sacred day.

Our methods are gentle and respectful.


Our goal is to enable people to be in contact with more love, compassion, joy and serenity.

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