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Our methods


Samara Yoga was called a traditional Art of Meditation in Movement by Idris Lahore, its founder. Samara Yoga maintains or brings back flexibility and tonus to the spine and joints; it relaxes muscles in order to liberate them from unnecessary tensions and to bring back the tonus needed for activity. This way, Samara Yoga not only boosts a better capacity to move, but also a better static. The body may straighten up, finding again this position which is the very nature of the human being: its vertical standing position. Samara Yoga is a gentle method that avoids all forms of contortions, and may be practiced at any age, from 3 to 99 years old. 

A regular practice of movements that we call “Arkana” brings the movement back where it was locked: in the digestive system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, immune system, hormonal system. This way, Samara Yoga reinforces the body and enables it to face all situations of life with more strength and balance. An element that makes Samara Yoga so effective is its practice with attention and self-presence: to both immobility and to the movements, attention to the sensations of the body, attention to breathing and attention to emotions that arise and to thoughts that pass. This is a state of attention to what is here and now, and which leads to a state of calm, peace and serenity as if out of time, and with the feeling of experiencing moments of eternity. Samara Yoga combines the effects of movement to those of meditation.


Lahore Nadi Yoga is a very soft yoga. It is the yoga of gentleness and energy. The Nadi Asana allow us to reconnect the nadis, the energy lines inside the body which also go from the body to the surrounding environment: light, incense, objects, people. They connect the different systems of the body, the different chakras to one another. Practicing Lahore Nadi yoga allows us to create space for wisdom, for bodily intelligence, and to improve how the body functions. We use a specific abdominal breath and different Nadi Asana which have an effect in redirecting the energy circulation through different parts of our spine and our body.


When we take the different Nadi Asana, we go as far as possible without forcing ourselves and we remain aware of all our sensations of discomfort or pain. Keeping the body as relaxed as possible, we practice the five complete cycles of specific abdominal breath. We practice them according to our physical possibilities and above all without comparing ourselves to others. Lahore Nadi Yoga immediately brings a feeling of relaxation, regeneration and care for ourselves.


“To meditate is to sit and observe your breath. To meditate is to see yourself as you are: you sit and observe. To meditate is to sit down, concentrate on your breath and look at what is going on within you. Meditation is a mirror. We think more clearly and we use our intellect as the tool it is, because we no longer allow ourselves to be disturbed by our thoughts and emotions. Meditation makes us stronger and firmer inside and gradually leads us to genuine contact with the essence of our being. We recognize people who meditate regularly and correctly because their external behavior becomes calmer and more focused.” Idris Lahore.

We practice different types of meditation, but mainly Zen meditation. The meditation class will enable you to learn to meditate, to take a moment only for you, to come back to yourselves, your breath, your body, to be aware of your thoughts and gradually you will be able to practice on your own. Meditation allows you to come back to calmness, silence, peace, serenity, to have a better concentration, to calm your thoughts, and contact the authentic part of yourself.

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