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Health and Safety Protocol

Updates to our Covid-19 protocol

Your safety and comfort are of the utmost importance to us. In line with NYC guidance, the following protocols will change.

In Central Park

Capacity: In Central Park, we don’t have a number restriction. We will continue to monitor the situation regarding COVID.

Masks: Please kindly wear your mask. You may remove your mask at your mat while you are practicing. Teachers and staff will wear masks at all times.

All students  must wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water  before class.

If you are sick, have a cough or a cold, please refrain from coming to class.


Distancing: Practice social distancing (6 feet) and be aware not to put your mat too close to your fellow student’s.


No restrictions.

Before you arrive for your session

Limit your personal belongings: To the extent possible, please leave your personal belongings at home. Wallets, keys, and silenced phones may be left near your mat.

When you arrive for your session

Wear a face-covering. To ensure the safety and wellness of our community, teachers, staff & students are advised  to wear a face-covering whenever possible. If you have a high temperature or if you present any other symptoms of Covid 19,  Upon arrival, please refrain from coming to class.

After your session

We ask that you save your conversations for after the class is over. Questions for teachers: We welcome your questions for teachers! Please ask to stay after class and maintain your face covering and social distancing when speaking to teachers after class.

For your safety…

Cleaning and sanitizing: All mats are cleaned and sanitized with a 70% alcohol solution before and after sessions.

Sanitizer: A Hand sanitizing station will be proposed and we ask that you use it. 

Physical adjustments: We ask that you refrain from physical touch of any kind.

Communication: Please stay in touch with us during this difficult time! In the unfortunate event that a teacher, staff member or student notify us of a COVID-19 infection, we will notify all those who attended an associated session so that our community can take all necessary precautions.

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