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Yoga & meditation classes in New York City

to NYC’s first Samara Yoga School

We are so happy to welcome you to Samara School.  We are Samara yoga teachers and well-being specialists trained in France. The goals of our classes and methods are to bring well-being and health to our students, harmony and peace into their social, family and work lives, and for those interested, more meaning to their lives as well as self-realization.

We offer weekly classes, monthly workshops, and conferences around Samara Yoga, Lahore Nadi Yoga, meditation, relaxation, energetic technics and ancient wisdom that has been adapted to the men and women of today. The methods we propose are only now being introduced in the United States. Our school opens its doors in early January 2022. You can register for one of our classes in Central Park or online on our website. The first class is complimentary.

About Me

My name is Sylvie, I am 53 years old, I am French and I live in New York City, in Manhattan. I am a wife, and mother of 3 children. I have been living in New York for the past two years. Before coming to the US, I lived in France, in the west suburbs of Paris.


When I was 35 years old, even though my outer world was great,I knew there was something missing in my life: I had money, a beautiful house, a nice husband, a beautiful family and many friends. But I hadn’t found the meaning of my life, so I started to look for it. One day, I participated in a Samara training session. During the first hour of practice, I reconnected with something that had until then been unknown to me, in me.


So I decided to go on practicing and to start my initiation into Samara yoga and meditation.


Calm the waters of your mind,
and the universe and the stars
will be reflected in your soul.




Samara Yoga is the Traditional Art of Meditation in Movement. Idris Lahore, the founder of Samara Yoga, conceived it as the quintessence of all yogas. After studying and practicing many forms of yogas, he extracted the essential exercises he called “Arkana”, which means “secret”.


Meditation is a moment when we can extract ourselves from the ordinary and restless external life to find calm and silence, and to find ourselves again. When somebody sits to meditate, they become a bridge between Heaven and Earth.


Lahore Nadi Yoga has an immediate effect on well-being and health. Based on gentle movements and simple postures, Lahore Nadi yoga is suitable for children as well as the elderly, the healthy as well as the handicapped and the sick.

What Our Clients Say

"Enjoyable way to lift
your mind, body and soul…
Health is wealth!"

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